Free Advice to find your CTO

As a early stage start-up CEO (pre serie B) you are not really looking for a role but more looking for the outcome someone produce.

In 2024, finding the good CTO to fit your vision is tough.

But asking yourself simple questions, you can highlight your right solution.

Full-time or Part-Time?

Junior or Senior?

Start-up or Corporate?

πŸ’­ πŸ’­ πŸ’­

Let’s find together all the elements you must take into account for each of these profiles.

We provide you here:

  • their characteristics πŸͺͺ
  • specific advantages they will provide you with ℹ️
  • points you must be careful about ⚠️
  • all the red flags that should alert you right away 🚩

Click on the profile you want to explore in details.
PS: Be careful some of them are just mentioned in this list as a teasing. πŸ˜‰ Trust us, you do not want to choose such an option (that’s why we do not develop them furthermore)

As a CEO you will sail in high reefs and come across various storms.

A navigator knowing the sea well will allow you to get to your destination faster. And especially without damaging your ship or even losing your shipment. Or they will save you time and money by simply telling you early: we should not go there.

If despite our explanations you are still confused about what to do. It might be relevant for you to discuss with an experimented Startup CTO ready to advise you. Most will of course ask for a compensation (expect $1000/day) but it should be worth it.

In a Startup the idea is not that important. Let’s be honest, luck plays a major factor. However timing, execution and delivery remain critical.

You might prefer to delay a little the beginning of your project’s development until you have found the right person. No need to rush things. You don’t want to be a pioneer anyway.